March 18, 2021
Windsor Chapter garden makeover help

Landscape Ontario Windsor Chapter Members… We need for your help!

Last fall, Landscape Ontario's Garden Makeover Contest for Frontline Heroes selected the Renaud’s for a $5,000 makeover from the Windsor Chapter. The Renaud's generously donated their prize colleagues Dan and Megan Monk of Amherstburg, Ont.

Laura Renaud, a pharmacy technician and Brad Renaud, a volunteer firefighter are dedicated frontline workers who made the selfless decision to give their garden makeover to firefighter colleague Dan Monk and his wife Megan during a time of great stress for the Monk family. Megan was recently diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, and the firefighter community in Amherstburg has rallied to support her. Dan and Megan are parents to newborn Cid and four year-old Freya.

We had the opportunity to meet with the Monk’s at their home last fall. Lakeshore Landscaping generously donated their time to provide a landscape design specific to the needs and wants of the family. Megan really wants a space where she can relax, heal and enjoy watching nature, with the soothing sound of water and a garden to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. We are hoping to be install the garden this spring with help from our fellow members. We are looking for volunteers to help install the project, as well as donations or fair pricing of materials.

Please review the list of materials below and let us know prior to March 30, 2021 if you are able to provide pricing or donations of any or all items.

If you wish to volunteer yourself or your staff, please contact Jay Terryberry at

LO Garden Makeover: “The Monk’s” List of Materials and Quantities

Quantity Material Size
7 yards Canada Red Mulch  
200 ft. PVC edging  
90 rolls Sod  
9 yards #1 topsoil  
3 Autumn Joy Stonecrop 2 gal.
5 Carmel Corabell 1 gal.
7 Little Spire Russian Sage 1 gal.
9 Creeping Pholx  
6 English Lavender 1 gal.
5 Gardenview Scarlet Bee Balm 1 gal.
5 Ice Dance Carex 1 gal.
5 Japanese Forest Grass 1 gal.
7 Max Frei Cranesbill 1 gal.
12 Common Sage 1 gal.
6 Pow Wow Coneflower 1 gal.
6 Little Bobo Hydrangea 3 gal.
1 Quickfire Hydrangea 7 gal.
3 Minuet Weigela 2 gal.
2 Emerald Cedar 6ft. pot
3 Butterfly Bush Varieties 2 gal.
1 Chanticleer Pear WB 45mm
We will also be providing a water feature. Details and material list to come later.

If you are able to provide any of these materials as and in-kind donation, or provide pricing, please contact Jay Terryberry at prior to March 30, 2021.

We appreciate your consideration!

The LOWC Executive Board