April 21, 2022
Share your shots with LO
Landscape Ontario wants to showcase you and your crew on our website! Share shots of your crew and submit them before May 25, 2022 to b entered to win one free professional development session for the 2022-2023 year. The winning photo will be randomly selected from submissions that meet the contest rules.

Photos may be used on the Landscape Ontario website and in promotional materials, so photo release forms must accompany submissions.

For photo submissions to be considered and entered to the draw to win, they must follow the rules below.

  1. LO Photo Release Form must be submitted for all employees included in the photos to ensure the photos can be used on the Landscape Ontario website.
  2. Proper safety equipment, when required, must be present and properly used.
  3. Photos must be focused on landscaping and cannot include smoking or drinking of any kind.
  4. Have fun!