November 15, 2013
Pictures are worth thousands of words
Statistics show industry provides great benefit to Canada. Download these graphics and more at
Tony DiGiovanni CHT
LO executive director

Tony DiGiovanni In a world overwhelmed with information, it is always refreshing to find a simple way to communicate a message. Our national association CNLA has developed a great info-graphic that communicates the value of collaboration and the importance of our industry in a very effective manner. It saves me thousands of words.

Our mission

The mission of CNLA and LO are identical. In essence, our internal mission is to help each other prosper. The dictionary defines prosperity as “the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being. ”I like a broader definition of prosperity below. It communicates more fully our purpose. Prosperity has at least four components: Financial, Professional, Social and Legacy. LO and CNLA activities relate to all four areas of growth.


Although the essence of our association is to help each other prosper, we have an even higher purpose. We have a collective vision. We are building a community that can be summarized in five words. Together, we are focused on growing a prosperous, professional, ethical, recognized, valued industry. I find this vision inspiring. I know many of you are proud of being involved in the company of like-minded individuals helping to do our part in realizing this vision.

The words and pictures communicate our mission and vision from an industry centric perspective. It is also helpful and inspiring to see our purpose from a customer/public perspective.

The late Perry Molema described our customer/public mission very well, when he said, “We are in the business of enhancing lives.” I often repeat that sentiment. It energizes me. The following pictures can be used to communicate the many of the ways our industry ‘enhances lives.’ There are not many industries that provide so many benefits to so many.
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