May 15, 2011
A second landscaping skill was added to the highly popular Skills Canada program.

Through initiation by Landscape Ontario and Dynascape, landscape design was a pilot contest at this year’s Skills Canada - Ontario on May 2 and 3, in Waterloo. Ten secondary school teams from across Ontario competed in the inaugural contest, which required students to use CAD software as a design tool for a small residence. The design was required to include elements such as walkways, patio and planting beds. Students learned to choose plant symbols and types, solve problems, and understand the requirements that go into a design plan.

The Waterloo Skills event saw 1,800 student participants, competing at elementary to post-secondary levels. More than 30,000 spectators watched, at over 60 skilled trades contest areas.

Landscape Ontario was pleased to see the introduction of the Landscape Design demonstration. Sally Harvey CLT, CLP, manager of education, labour development and membership services, says the significant youth participation in the landscape gardening competition is truly a sign that the Ministry of Education and Skills Canada - Ontario have recognized that youth have the potential for a successful career in the landscape industry.